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r said "W◆e will ge


○ kitchen and toile●t appliances a●nd

t o○ur air condi●tioner set up t◆omorrow or◆ the day after tomo○rrow.""I want● to buy a n〓ew one to take〓 advantage of th●e price cut."Du● Tingyong, Staff〓 of Suning App○liance sai●d "The need for home

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air condition●ers. Price 〓for some models of〓 air conditio

● appliance has○ surged in Sprin■g. Customer ○flow has recovered ○significa

ner h■ave b

ntly, nearl●y doubling 〓that of last ●week."There ar●e about 15 million a●ir conditio■ners in wareh●ouses around

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een cut ●by

the ●country, and the ●air conditioner◆ industry ■is facing an unprece●dented c

more than 3

ris◆is. Major ■domestic brands l○ike Media, Hai◆er and Hisence have 〓launched 2

0■ perc

0 perc●ent discoun●t starting fro○m Saturday, ●and foreign ○brands will soo〓n

ent, ●som

follow. Industry◆ insiders predict th◆at the price◆ cut in air condit■ioners cou

e models als

ld cause t◆he price drop in○ refrigerator a■nd washing machin●e.Related s●tories:Gome Electric■al Appliances (Gome

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●), China's




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er, sa

o ■include co

id ◆on Tuesday it will○ revise its busines●s strategy to 〓cope with the p●rojected fall● in demand for big-○ticke

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t items suc〓h as


ors, washing■ machines and air-co○nditioners."This ye■ar, we will kee◆p the numb○er of stores at 2008○ level. We ●will close◆ some stores at disa■dvantaged ■locations, and open 〓almost the same a○mount of new larg●er ones," Gome spok●esman He Yangqin■g told China Daily○

. "This year

is abo■ut optimizing the c●hain in su○ch areas as stor◆e layout, produ○ct mix and serv○ices," he added.Th●e priority ○of the new strate■gy is on increasing ●sales of highe●r-profit-mar◆gin electrica■l appliances at ●each outlet and str●engthening serv■ice quality, rath

er◆ than on

network● expansion. He sa■id the change■ was a pure bus〓iness decisio■n and had nothing〓 to do with the c●ontroversy■ surrounding 〓Gome's former● chairman Hua◆ng Guangyu an◆d his wife, ○Du Juan, who are k○nown to be assistin●g police in an ●investigation in○to alleged imp●roper share t●rading.The new s●trategy is also d■esigned to sharp〓en the compa〓ny's edge against ●its main rival, Su○ning Applianc〓e, which ha〓s made know○n its ambition to o〓vertake Gome as

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